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A systematic approach to increasing the value of your property investments!

develops web based solutions for commercial property owners and their network of laywers, property and facility managers, and other operational personell. We offer these actors a unique opportunity to maintain and structure the property's valuable assets - throught its entire life span.

We help you increase the values of your property investments. The solution you need is Agora inAttika - a web based, collaborative community where all aspects of the property's documentation are discussed, stored and exchanged.

Gain control on all levels with our innovative solution for property managers.

Much more than a central archive

Centralized data storage through a web based portal is a vital piece of the puzzle in modern facility management projects. But the real benefits are revealed when you combine central document storage with collaboration. All actors contribute towards a common goal - to gain control of the day to day operation of the property. Activities are scheduled and responsibilities are delegated. Deviations are identified and logged. The executive mangement keeps up-to-date through a rich selection of status reports. All these aspects of a facility mangement project are covered through Agoras collaborative web community.

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Regain control using your mobile device

With our solution for mobile devices, you can finish your work before leaving the property. Perform technical inspections and log deviations and register notes directly on your iPad or phone.

Due diligence projects in Agora

"Property transactions trigger a short and hectic due diligence process, where documents are gathered and inspected. Using inAttikas web based solutions allow us to keep in control of documents and deviations in an efficient and intuitive manner. We save a lot time in the document collection phase and cost is eliminated wrt. copying and distribution of paper based documents. The final report is generated by the push of a button, and provides excellent overview of the findings."

Ingar Rognås, Technical Advisor, Property Management at Union Eiendomskapital AS.


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