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Agora inAttika - a web based community for people dealing with commercial property
Collaboration and communication.

Agora inAttika is a a web based collaborative community for management of commercial buildings. The solution targets a range of roles related to management and operations of commercial buildings, as well as those involved in property transactions, such as property and facility managers, investors, lawyers, insurance brokers and tenants. They all have a place within the ecosystem established round Agora.

Our web based solution eliminates many of the traditional sources of failure in property and facility management projects, such as:

  • email traffic out of control
  • version issues around documents
  • lack of traceability in the decision making process
  • comments and corrections for a single issue are located in many different e-mails, spreadsheets and documents
  • imprecise, delayed or even missing status reporting.

The heart and sole of Agora is a central data store for archiving documents related to the management of the property, and project related functionality offered within a dynamic, web based community. Information sharing, activity management, message exchange and document look-up are all central concepts. Additional features needed to become even more efficient are added as needed - these features are available as selectable modules which our clients will activate on demand.

Since Agoras target audience's core business is to manage properties and run the day-to-day operations out "in the field", they have little time left to spend in front of PCs, learning new and fancy web tools. Our focus from the beginning has been to create an intuitive and self explanatory user experience - and accompanied by pre defined project types, getting started with Agora becomes painless. The four standard project types are listed below. Click on each of the headings to navigate to individual pages describing each in more detail.

  • Continuous control over deviations and corrective actions
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Manage tenants and rental areas
  • Tenant revenue registration
  • Planning and scheduling of activities related to operations and maintenance
  • Checklists
  • Registration of cost and time
  • Control over technical installations
  • Document collection
  • Message exchange, case handling
  • Deviations and budgeting
  • Due diligence status and progress reporting
  • Final report of findings
  • Tailored for technical assessments with status reporting
  • Stand-alone or as a sub-project of property management
  • Generation of reports for identified deviations and risks
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