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Welcome to inAttikas resource center. Browse and download product notes, articles and examples of reports generated in Agora.

Datasheets for download
Agora inAttika - module overview

The various functional aspects of Agora are implemented as stand-alone modules which can be activated on demand. The idea is that you can shorten the lead time by focusing on the essentials first, the activities you perform frequently and the crucial operations. Then you can grow into the solution by activating more functionality as - and when - needed. Below is a list proving the birds eye view of the different functional areas of Agora. Read more here.

General features Property management Ops & maintenance Due Diligence
  • Project information
  • Property overview
  • Organization of users
  • Message exchange
  • Calendar and tasks
  • Electronic binders
  • Centralized document archive
  • Reporting (all modules)
  • "My Page" - personal view
  • Rental contracts and areas
  • Revenue (tenant)
  • Contract management
  • Deviations
  • Corrective actions with budgeting
  • Invoicing
  • Risk analysis
  • Tasks and maintenance
  • Checklists
  • Registration of expenses
  • Time registration
  • Technical installations
  • Requests for documentation
  • Progress status due diligence
  • Final report generation
Sample reports from Agora inAttika
"Demoveien Handel" is a fictitious shopping center created as a property management project in Agora to illustrate various aspects of property and facilities management of commercial buildings. Click to download PDF reports from this Agora project:

For more report samples, click to download this zip-archive.

Articles and presentations
The articles below are provided to help you getting started with Agora - inAttikas collaborative tool.


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