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IT product vendor with property management expertise
Subject matter expertise and software development excellence - unbeatable!

inAttika develops web based IT solutions for the property investment / management market. Our focus is on collaboration, facilitation and systematic organization of documents for any property in this field. See section for Products to learn more.

We posses expertise and experience in dealing with property transactions and in managing projects related to development, operations And maintenance of commercial property. And we have a staff of developers who - for over three decades - have produced bespoke software solutions for clients in many different segments, tailored to their exact needs. This unique combination puts us in a position to relate to the customer's challenges and to develop just the solution they need to get over their hurdles. Allowing them to become more efficient and increase the quality of their work.

To help our customers get underway with our solutions, we have developed a back-office concept that shortens the lead-time between registering the property in the system and the time when they can enter the phase of control and follow-up, ensuring every issue is captured and all documents are up-to-date. Read more about this back office concept in our Services section.
Our philosophy

We help property owners maximize their property investments through structured and continuous control of the documentation - centralized and electronic.

Through the use of our web based products you - as property owner - can:

  • Increase the value of the property through managing structured information about the property and ensuring that all information is up to date.
  • Save cost in the property development (or maintenance) phase by utilizing effective IT solutions where all relevant information is channeled through one single property portal. Where all relevant personnel are invited to join in to contribute to the progress of the project.
  • Save cost in a due diligence process by collection electronic documentation and allowing external parties to upload their contributions directly in the central archive through the web.
  • Save cost by having immediate access to defects and shortcomings and by tracking the state of these through smart filters and dynamic reporting.

Your success is our success -

Always ready to sell !

InAttika provides support throughout the life span of the property.

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